Free PSP Games - Where To Get Free PSP Games On The Net

As you and other owners of the Playstation Portable will tell you, psp games are very addictive. And if you own a psp, you probably know how expensve games can be. Whether you've exhausted your gaming budget or you just want some more variety, you'll have lots of incentive to start searching for free psp games.

The only question is, where do you start?

The Internet provides lots of places to search for free psp games online, but how do you know which sites are scams and which one’s aren’t?

There are the sites that offer you free psp games on a promotional basis. In other words, they have something else to sell. The game is just a way to get in your door. You can get free psp games like this, but you will find the games to be limited in scope; the games are very old, or they may be primitive as far as graphics or feel. You will probably feel frustrated, but there is a chance that you could find just the game you want. During your search for free psp game downloads, you may find many promotions offering you free psp games if you will give your contact information. This is usually a name, address, email address, etc…

Be wary with this type of promotion as the site may not be completely up front about how your information will be used!


In the same way, keep in mind that if you download single free psp games from unknown or obscure sites, your machine should be protected with excellent anti-virus software. As with anything downloaded online, there are a lot of good reasons for you to be sure that you have adequate anti-virus protection.

The best method to get psp games online is to pay for them at a pay site. Pay per game sites are good if you're only looking for a few specific game titles. Actually, this is a better way to get PSP games than going to your local store, in terms of price as well as convenience. If you want a variety, the best thing is to look elsewhere.

Membership or subscription sites are a good consideration. These sites can offer a monthly, yearly or even a lifetime membership. Usually you'll find that you can download an unlimited number of games for the duration of your membership. When confronted with this type of site, thoroughly check out the selection they offer before you spend the money!

Free psp game downloads are available in many ways, so thoroughly explore the options before you spend the cash.

Anyway, if you are looking for information on free psp games, we recommend a site like PSP Blender for them.

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